Saturday, 12 September 2009

Back to the Road Bike

Firstly, apologies for my blog yesterday - the feel good factor most certainly got the better of me and I have a certain embarrassment attached to my statement. Still life goes on and one has to live with one's errors.

So today it was back to the road bike - a good number of months with very little pedaling so as always ' le reprise' as they say here is most definitely TOUGH. One of my French bike colleagues explained to me that road bike riding was a bit like having a mistress - if you ignore here for just a few weeks; when you go back to her she really punishes you. Today was a short ride 65 cliks and very enjoyable but I have maintained a certain level of fitness via my foil-board riding, so less difficult for me than some of the other guys who were really struggling towards the end.

In my come back plan I'll be out again on wednesday for a short ride of 30kms doing intervals and then 70kms next saturday on the Mountain bike - the weekend after is a serious 35km hill climb in the Cevennes followed by a support morning for a lady who is participating in the 100Km Milleau run - yes that's right a 60 mile run!! I will be supporting her with food and soup and stuff like that - no massages planned in the schedule but hey who knows... Its an easy ride that one as the pace is at a marathon jog of fast walk towards the end. Well that is the top and bottom of it for today so catch you later.