Thursday, 5 January 2012

Bonne Année 2012

Well almost 6 years on since moving to Montpellier & happy New year...

When you move away from your native country one of the most tricky things to get your head around is you're soon forgotten by your friends - or maybe it's just the fact that you come to accept that you were never that popular!

No phone calls from any of my old buddies back in the UK in fact very few messages via FB or Skype during the Christmas period. For some time I convinced myself that I had no friends but once you move away your quickly replaced by everyday events that occupy peoples time. This new year holds lots of positive changes certainly for me and hopefully for all of you who are reading the flip side.

Sorry for the lack of updates over recent months - a lack of time and too many things going on to put keyboard to paper. The music will be stronger than ever in 2012 - so here's to a wild n happy musical new year.