Friday, 25 February 2011

Artiste Auteur - Original Artist

Like I've said previously there's nothing simple in France, if it is feasibly possible to make things more complex the French are champions at increasing the complexity of anythying bureaucratic. I'm just in the proces of officially declaring myself as an Artist or as it is more widely known here 'an author of original works'. I've almost won the hat which determines that I can produce pieces of art and create invoices for them. This also involves changing my social status, having to change where I pay my social charges and also means that I can only invoice for the creation of original work. Anything repetitive, repeat productions and that changes the rules of engagement and in all honesty I'm not to certain where it goes if we arrive at this point; so for the moment everything is original unless I'm told otherwise!!!

I'm very happy producing Venitian Stucco tablets 'cause no else seems to be interested in using this material. The finish is incredibly profound and well its difficult to show via images on the web so in essence you have to see it to really appreiciate it.

Above is a recent portrait of a very politcal character of the Languedoc region who passed away in November 2010 - Georges Freche. Some claim that Freche was possessed by leaving his mark at every opportunity on the regeon, outspoken in his views and tough on his working colleagues - the only comment I can make is that his direction has certainly changed the face of Montpellier and some surrounding villages over the previous 15 yrs. Whether this is for the good we will see in the fullness of time.

The Director of Cultural Affairs : Nicole Bigas, reserved the portrait 'Mister Montpellier' for the Agglomeration on the evening of the private view 'Un Nouveau Regard' but to date I have received no further communication of how to conclude the sale! On the Flip Side one doesn't have to overlook the fact that this is France and words are cheap regardless of which continent you reside upon. I'm only glad that I sold this portrait to a friend and an honourable busnessman prior to being approached by the elected representative of the Agglo.

OK catch you on the Flip Side of the next wave.