Friday, 11 September 2009

The gift of gifted hands

Well I've never been one to gloat or blow my own trumpet but I am just about to change all that. It's great being reserved and modest but heck (to coin an American phrase) sometimes you gotta just say it how it is. I'm feeling pretty fantastic today and the reason is I know that I am good with my hands, yes you heard it here first. No sexual innuendos implied of course. I'm shooting my own trumpet today because what ever I touch either looks good or works very efficiently. This is a great realisation for me - I've never lacked confidence before however, the feelgood factor when you make such a statement and know (believe) that is 110% true is GREA................T.

Well it's short and sweet today - lots to do and lots of things to make beautiful. On the flip side - I just repaired our old NewBeetle electric window and it works a treat so I was pleased, I don't like working on cars that much as I always cut my fingers to shreds.............aghhhhhhh Cars. Money, money, money - try to save a few bucks and at the end of the day it would have been cheaper to drop it into the garage - it must be a rich mans world.