Tuesday, 28 August 2007

The summer kicked in 3 days ago...

Well some time since my last entry, in fact 6 weeks and 3 days!! How time flies when you having fun and keeping an 8 year old occupied during his summer vacation. Full time is not the word as all parents will quantify but hey what fun and something not to be missed for the world.

What can I tell you about since my last entry? The carbon pushbike has now done over 1000Km since I picked it up in July, I'm feeling a lot fitter, I have my first cycle challenge race called the Cycl'Aigoual which is 92kms in the Cevenne, starting off and finishing in Vigan with almost 2000m of ups and downs (in French that's denovolé but in English I'm not sure what the word is - shit only 2 years away and forgetting my mother tongue language!!) Anyway I was feeling really up for it and a couple of friends suggested doing a reckie of the circuit last weekend which I thought was a great idea only one snag - had to quit after the 3rd climb as I was completely shot! So not overly encouraging for the the following Sunday... I'll keep you posted on how I get on.

Only a month before the SRC in which I am participating as Sergeant Middleton - much to say the nerves are becoming more and more tense on that front. My French Captain tells me that there's nothing to worry about and it's a really good fun military training weekend however, I have my reservations... I'll keep you posted on that one also.

Life in France has been pretty good these last 6 weeks, the summer has been really great with temperatures between 25 and 35 degrees but this last weekend has seen the humidy kick in with temperatures of +35 degrees and very, very still making it a killer to do any sort of activity.

My boy is back to school and on that front is AOK so it's off to pick him up before some UK friends hit later today.

Catch you real soon on the Flip Side.