Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Wooden Stuff - Kitesurf Board Project

Well it's taken a little longer than I had imagined and the learning curve for shaping a wooden board is most certainly steep, to say the least. On the upside the board shape is looking really sweet and the downside I've learn that it is really easy to over engineer a hollow wooden board, resulting in additional weight that you can do without. Impatience I'm sure is a strong part to blame as I left the deck and hull surface thicknesses somewhat excessive but an important part of the learning process - I guess... Here are a few images that document the process from gluing up to shaping.

Gluing up the 20 x 30mm lengths
Weighted whilst gluing to give the board some rocker shape

Batten lengths after drilling out some of the excess - the bucket shows the excess wood

More shaping

Being at one with you latest creation...
Prior to gluing on the final side rails

Final rough shape - prior to glassing sealing
Side rails added and shaped - next foil conic box and sealing