Monday, 19 November 2007

Music Makes the World go around

Wow what a buzz to have written and recorded some fresh new songs this past weekend. I had overlooked just how satisfying it makes you feel plus upon listening to the completed tracks it kind of gives you a certain feelgood factor. Of course in real terms the songs will probably only be heard by a number of unsuspecting ears who happen to be in the wrong bar at the wrong time - when I'm out playing live!!

However, the Internet has certainly provided an additional audience for numerous singer songwriters like myself. Not a cat in hells chance of ever getting a recording deal (well not at my age:o) but it has allowed me to share some of my misspent moments with friends and relatives who tap into my site when they feel the need to hear my dulcet tones. All I can say is that they have exceedingly good taste fa nah fa nah...

Well I was taught by my father that Music Makes the World go around so I guess every good, bad or indifferent tune has its time and place - somewhere along the road.

So what's on the horizon apart from getting fully legitimate regarding establishing a business in France and acquiring my slotted identity (I hope the subtle hint of irony was not too strong)? Well hows about this - just about to submit my documents to become a French citizen - wooooooooooow I hear you exclaim! Well the good news is that being married to a French National I do have the right (French Right that is...) to apply for my citizenship whilst living here - I get to keep my British passport so I only see it as being positive. On the flip side of course you need endless numbers of original documents like: Birth Certificate, Wedding Cert., Family Book, Mother's Birth Cert., Parent's Wedding Cert., Son's Birth and School Cert., the list goes on and on; current bank statement showing address with name and RIB and then of course submission of evidence at the local tribunal. So I will keep you posted on that front. Just looking at flying back to visit some friends in the UK for Xmas but Sophie's work commitments and RyanAir's flight availability are making that tricky to sort at present. Failing that we may go out on a limb and visit the Pyrenees and build an igloo that we can sleep in for a couple of days over the Xmas period - yes I know sounds crazy but it's an organised weekend break!!

For 2008, not much lined up at present - thinking about participating in 'le tour d'etape' just cycling the most difficult leg of the Tour de France - don't tell me I know it's crazy but still considering it. The things you consider doing as the years roll on... Spurned on my my good friend Pete on the Ilse of White. I know I can do it now Pete, it's just sheer guts and determination + being well fit in both mind and body. Visiting my friend Doug Miller in Maui as I miss you buster and the years have rolled by far too quickly. Seeing our friends in both Italy and UK more frequently.

Well enough of me rattling on - catch you onthe next wave dudes & dudettes.